The Things I Could Not Say.

Hey Friends...

We're Just getting started. so photos will be coming shortly


What we’re up to...


This February, installation artist Jen Fuller and art students from Spokane are turning your secrets into a light immersive, community interactive art installation in the teaching gallery at Spokane Falls Community College. Each secret is completely anonymous, donated to our cause, and stored in our top secret vault.

We will be hand writing them in blacklight invisible ink on the gallery walls. For the months of February and March these secrets will be exposed to the light in an exhibition called "The Things I Cannot Say." This show is to unify our sense of humanity and prove that we aren't really alone or so different, and to realize that somebody else out there is going through the same sort of things as you and I.

So please, help us bring the hidden things to light and share a secret above. Your secret is safe with us!

Oh and check back with our website often! We will be posting frequently how this project is unfolding. You never know, maybe you'll spot your secret on the wall.

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