100 glass paper plane and light sculpture by artist Jen Fuller for the Portland Winter Light Festival 2016.

Video by Patrick Cummings | Music by Tiburones

Got it MADE

Beyond Transparent

SWF(Light) - Lusio Lights

A creative short film exploring the making, breaking, and other process involved in the creation of a life size kilnform glass and steel Centaur. Built in summer of 2013 by glass artist Jen Fuller and metal artist Steve Tilden, filmed by Hayden Peters and Andy Maser.

Mobile light sculpture of glass birds at Pioneer Square in Seattle, as part of a self guided COVID friendly light art walk to find all 9 exhibitions of light art created by local artists.

Join our host, Ezra Cimino-Hurt, as he explores Jen Fuller Studios. Jen Fuller is a multimedia fine artist whose medium focuses on the juxtaposition of using glass and steel.

One Man's Trash

Making of the Pabsticorn

Pacific Northwest Art Program

Ovation's original new reality competition series, One Man's Trash, features a wide range of artists who recover, reclaim, and reprocess items deemed useless by others, transforming them into stunning, utterly original works of art.

The Pacific Northwest Art Program (PNAP), a collaboration between Recology, Cracked Pots, Inc. and Metro, seeks to educate the public about recycling and resource conservation while supporting the local art community and diverting material from landfills.

Jen Fuller Studios shares the magic behind her Pabst unicorn mask. Now you can make one of your own. Added bonus... you can drink the beer while you make it.

Articles + Interviews

Talking Out Your Glass

Digital Trends

Seattle Times

Using glass, steel, and trash from the landfill, woman makes art from garbage

Explore Seattle neighborhoods while getting your arts fix with these 2 events

Jen Fuller Studios: Ephemeral

Fleeting Moments in Glass

"With a spiritual outlook, Jen Fuller explores large-scale glass making and multi component site-specific installations. As her career evolves, the artist views glass a material capable of capturing ephemeral fleeting moments and outlining emotion."

"At her eponymous Jen Fuller Studios, the owner transforms “everyday objects into experiences.” Fuller works with glass, steel, and trash from the landfill to make art forms that force the viewer to reconcile what the form of the art is with the medium used. She makes art from garbage, with wonderful results."

"Through Jan. 15, nine different art installations, each created by a different Pacific Northwest-based artist, will be displayed in multiple locations around Pioneer Square. People can take a self-guided tour to see the pieces, which include a mobile sculpture of glass birds with a digital projection, and a floating UFO sculpture that beams a light down on passersby."

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