Nature Mandala – Pâte de verre

30x30x2 – Made for Glass Life forms 2021 at the Fuller Craft Museum
Ginko Biloba, Acer Macrophyllum Samara, Angamiana Floridula, Fatsia Japonica, Corvid feather

An extraordinary winter surprise, the discovery of ice leaf formations by a young child in my life, posed a simple quandary of whether nature ice leaves could be recreated in glass. It has become my personal obsession as a glass maker, the recreation of as many rich textures of nature, in as hyperreal and as expansive of a Pâte de verre specimen collection possible. This new series: Nature Mandala’s expands upon my current botanical collection with the edition of entomology. Cicadas play center stage of this composition in recognition that 2021 is the 16 year return hatching of “Brood X.” Further exploration include samaras from the tree above my studio door, and Ginko Biloboa, the oldest tree specimens on earth that harken back to the dinosaurs. This mandala pays simple homage to that timeless desire to arrange the findings of nature as both decor and apparel through out the history of man.

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