Red Maples


Brisk walks, hot chocolate, naps under a blanket. Capturing the changing colors of fall with these hand made glass maples always brings a sense of enchantment into the studio (and into your home.) It makes me want to linger in the coziness of this season forever. These two pate de verre stunners are molded from a maple growing outside my front door. When she drops her leaves it leaves imprints of leaf shadows on the side walk, I swoon every time… I couldn’t resist rendering her into glass leaves to share.

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Additional Information

Each botanical is 100% handmade. A mold is taken of a real leaf then, one layer of colored glass powder is layered at a time like a sandpainting into the mold, then fused in a kiln, rendering a hyper real glass sculpture.

We are happy to ship. (Special packaging is required and I’m delighted to instruct if you’re sending it as a gift.)