Reflection – Olbrich Botanical Gardens, Madison WI

Site specific installation for GLEAM 2021 Olbrich Botanical Garden.

Inspired by the idea of the sun sinking below the horizon of the ocean while drawing upon the reflectivity of the sunken garden pond and its iconic visual presence, “Reflection” is a convex (M&M shaped) ellipsoid, floating just slightly submerged into the middle of the sunken garden pond. Utilizing dueling projections (a projector per side) and visual themes based on organic matter such as ink in water, jellyfish floating, city time-lapse, desert time-lapse, sky, ocean waves crashing, moon phases, slow motion eyes opening, lightning, flowers blooming and a sound track inspired by Eric Satie Gnossiene 3, this sculpture fosters an ambient, thought provoking meditation on hope, despair, and an aspirational experience of being human on earth now.

Portland artist Jen Fuller blends the contrasting aesthetics of glass and steel to create sculpture she refers to as “totems for the soul.” Motivated by the technical challenges inherent in transforming materials and spaces with history into time based experiences, her work reflects the transparency and vulnerability found in humanity and nature. Fuller’s recent work has been commissioned by Metro Regional Government, Ovation TV, Travel Oregon, The Portland Art Museum, Lan Su Chinese Garden, and private collectors.

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